Solgar Selenium 200ug


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Solgar Selenium 200ug

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Product Information

Solgar® Yeast Bound Selenium 200 µg Tablets contains selenium, a key mineral which can naturally be found in the soil. It is a vital mineral as it supports the immune system and protects the cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage the cells in your body and are associated with premature aging. This mineral can be naturally found in Brazil nuts, eggs, fish and poultry. Making sure your levels of Selenium are adequate will help keep hair and nails healthy, as well as support your metabolism.

Solgar® Yeast Bound Selenium 200 µg Tablets provides this vital mineral, in a 1 a day dose, and contributes to:

  • Normal spermatogenesis

  • Maintenance of normal hair

  • Maintenance of normal nails

  • Normal function of the immune system

  • Normal thyroid function

  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress



One per day.


Brewer’s Yeast (contains wheat, barley, sulphites), Selenium (as selenium enriched yeast), Anti-caking Agent: vegetable stearic acid. 






No Artificial Flavours

No Dairy

No Lactose

No Preservatives

No Soy

No Sweeteners